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Class Timetable March 2022

Class Descriptions

Yoga – Craig

A gentle, progressively deepening Yoga of breath and attention, aiming to make the body strong, relaxed and supple, the breath developed and refined. Keeps the mind focused and peaceful. Suitable for all levels.

Sweat Shop – Sam

Time to turn the heat up! High intensity class that creates a sweaty workout for the whole body by using a mix of weights and body weight! A real fun workout. Suitable for all levels.

LBT- Legs, Bums and Tum’s – Zoe

Time to work the lower body. Using a mix of weights, body weight and kettle bells to get a full lower body and core workout. Suitable for all levels.

Tai Chi – Sue

Gentle exercise for the whole body, slow gentle movement to assist with relaxing and focus. Suitable for all levels.

Pilates – Karen and Anastasia

A Pilate’s class based mostly on mat work. Exercises for the core and stretching for strength and flexibility. A slow pace mixed ability class which includes options and alternatives for all levels.

Body Conditioning – Karen

Friendly class to music that includes exercises for strength and conditioning. Suitable for all levels.

Studio Spin – Amy, Alex, Poppy and Chris

Time to get on the bike. Using a range of tempo’s and music to get the most out of a good session. Mixing in hill climbs, endurance rides and some pace to get a complete ride. Suitable for all levels (see timetable for a beginner’s class for a gentle start approach)

H.I.T.T – Poppy

Time to get that heart rate up! Using a range of movements to work the whole body at a high intensity. Suitable for all levels.

Boogie Bands – Jem

This is a dance choreographed resistance band workout Jem will be concentrating on strengthening the core & legs whilst lifting your bottom with an added toning session which focusses on the whole body. Lots of fun with added calorie burn.

Aero Step – Mandy

A classes based around using a step in an unlimited range of ways with good energy and music to go alongside. Suitable for all levels.

Dancercise – Megan

Dancercise is a high intensity but low impact style of class, using a range of music and dance movements to ensure a cardio blasting session. Suitable for all levels.

Barre – Megan

Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class – combining ballet-inspired elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training moves with. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements. Suitable for all levels.

Body Blitz – Emma Johnson

This class is a fusion of all over Body Conditioning, Cardio and Abs set out in an interval style training session. The use of motivating music, kettlebells and dumbbells make it packed with variety and has a little something for EVERYONE! Suitable for all levels.

Pump – Kathy

A fast-paced, barbell focused workout that is designed to hit every part of the body! Suitable for all levels.

Body Tone – Poppy

A full body workout using light weights. Suitable for all levels.

Fitsteps – Emma

FitSteps is an energetic, upbeat dance fitness class featuring all of your favourite strictly dances. It is designed to give real, measurable fitness results. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and you don’t need a partner. Suitable for all levels.

Mandy’s Mash Up HIIT– Mandy

A high-intensity interval training, or HIIT workouts consist of alternating between bursts of high-intensity exercise and low-intensity exercise. Mandy offers a range of movements and exercises to cover the whole body in one class. Suitable for all levels.

Aqua – Anastasia, Emma or Amy

Aqua Aerobics, sometimes known as Aqua Fit, Aqua Fitness, Water Aerobics or Aquacise, is a type of resistance training where you follow a series of aerobic moves in our heated indoor swimming pool, for a full body workout designed to tone, improve stamina and burn fat. Suitable for all levels.

Body WRX – Zoe

A high intensity training workout using dumbells to increase power and to add that extra burn to your workout. We warm up and then work upper body, lower body, cardio burst and the core to finish. You can exercise at your own pace and alternative exercises will be given. Suitable for all levels.

Zumba – Mandy

Zumba, a type of dance fitness that’s been around since the 1990s, is the backbone of the dance fitness craze—it incorporates a variety of Latin-inspired dance moves and music to promote a healthy heart, a healthy dose of aerobic activity, and a fun, exciting way to build and tone muscle, improve cardio, promote flexibility, and decrease stress.

MenoFlock – Gayle Stevens-White

This class is more than just exercise. It brings like- minded women together and provides education, advice and peer support for those experiencing menopausal symptoms.
The structure consists of:

  • 15 minutes education
  • 45 minutes of exercise which will consist of
  • Warm up
  • Aerobics
  • Tone & Strength
  • Stretch & Flexibility
  • Balance

Exercises can be performed at 3 levels and means that menopausal women can enjoy exercise again.

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