Corporate Memberships

It doesn’t matter if you are a large organisation or a small firm, whether your employees are desk bound or mobile, whether you work in a high stress or lower stress environment; Energique Health Club & Spa Ltd can offer a tailor made option to work for you.

Our membership team is here to advise on a structure for your company contact them on 01420 543909 or 01420 86022, email

Energique, Your Company and Your Workforce in Partnership.

Absenteeism costs UK business £17 billion a year. That’s an average cost of £692 per employee equating to 7.4 sick days per year. An Energique membership encourages staff to improve their fitness levels which can help reduce sickness absence.

Physical inactivity is a primary contributor to a broad range of chronic diseases including stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Investing in your workforces’ health means improved productivity, employee engagement and team retention. Research shows improved efficiency when an organisation focuses on the overall health of their employees. In fact employee well-being is essential to continued business growth. In short, a highly motivated and energised workforce creates a better return on investment. A great service starts with good listening, so talk to us today and we will structure a package that suit your company needs.

A 30 minute workout twice a week has significant health benefits, resulting in less absenteeism at work and savings on your payroll. Department of Health, Physical Activity, Health Improvement and Prevention