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Your own personal workout space

Available to members and non-members and Personal trainers.

Whether you are a personal trainer, that competitive family or couple, or an individual looking for your own space… Register and book as a Guest using the Fitsense app club Code 25401

Personal Trainers

A wonderful private space for hire at just £16 per hour where you can bring your clients and offer them a professional setting for all your training needs. MyGymSpace has been set up so a Personal Trainer can create their own brand whilst in this studio as it comes with a large TV and associated hardware to allow video training footage or just put up your logo for the hour

Family Groups

Ideal for that member who would like members of their family to join them for exercise without the need for membership or exorbitant rental pricing. Members can bring upto 3 family members or friends with no need for membership and pay just £8 for an hour of group fun


Don’t want to be a member of a gym or want to pay over the odds when using exercise facilities. Well MyGymSpace is the answer as a non- member can book up to 3 others for a one off hourly rate of £16 (£4 each) and get in a private workout in your own space. Also ideal for those who want to work away from the crowd.

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